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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How many servings are in a full 16 gallon keg?

A: Approx 165-12oz servings. Keep in mind that the keg needs to remain cold or ice down from the moment it is picked up. Please be careful while transporting that it does not roll around in the back of a truck bed.

Q: Do we provide tubs & taps for beer kegs?

A: We DO NOT. When you rent a keg, they usually provide a tub & a tap. Please note you are usually required to pay a deposit. When you return your keg, tub & tap, you get your deposit refunded.

Q: How many servings is in one case of wine?

A: Approx 60 servings (12-750ml or 6-1.5L bottles)

Q: Can we provide our own alcohol?

A: YES! You provide what you want to serve based our your taste and budget.

Q: What will my bartender bring with them?

A: Each wedding is packed according to what you are serving. We pack our bar kits with everything from wine keys, bottle openers, bar towels, bar mats, tip jar-when allowed, cutting board, knife, lighter, stirrer straws, pour spouts, pourers, shakers, shaker glasses, rita salt, salt rimmer, garnish tray, beer pitchers, bar spoon, strainers, etc. We also have large & smaller coolers and cold drink tubs, serving containers etc

Q: Can you pick up, delivery & store ICE for us?

A: You bet! There is a $25 charge for the service plus $4/20lb bag of ice.  

Q: How much ice do I need?

A: Usually plan for at least double what your head count is depending on what you are serving and having to ice down, the weather, inside or outside wedding. We can certainly provide you with a recommendation once we know all your details.

Q: Who provides the cups, cocktail napkins, mixers, non-alcoholic beverages, garnish & bottled water?

A: You select what type of cups you want, style, color, budget friendly or high end and have them at the bar area when bartender arrives. (100-9oz cups per batch of Margaritas are provided by WTB)  WTB will provide plain white cocktail napkins. You provide all the mixers, non-alcoholic beverages, garnish: limes, cherries, oranges, lemons, olives etc that you want to offer at the bar with cocktails. One of the most forgotten things at the bar is bottled water. Before & After your caterer leaves water/tea/lemonade are not usually available to your guests unless you plan for it. At the end of the night guests like to usually take a bottle of water along with them as well.

Q: How early does the bartenders need to arrive?

A: You need to allow at least 1-1 1/2 hours prior to an on-site ceremony for load in, set up, ice down and be out of the way of your guests arriving. In some cases if there is more than one bar that needs to be set up or if you are doing all glassware or have a large wedding head count we will allow for a longer set up time.  Some venues require a 2hr arrival prior to an on-site ceremony.    

Q: Does WeTendBar have a portable bar?

A: We travel in a large SUV or VAN, however this does not allow us to transport a large rolling portable bar. We do however offer to provide 2-5ft or 6ft Tables along with black linens at NO CHARGE! Just let us know if you need us to provide them, if your venue does not have a bar location built in.

Q: Does WeTendBar serve minors?

A: As part of our TABC Standards our Bartenders DO NOT serve minors.

Q: Are all of WeTendBar Bartenders TABC Certified?

A: YES as part of our importance of proper serving all the WeTendBar Bartenders are TABC Certified and renew every 2 years.

Q: Can you provide our venue with a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

A: WeTendBar is happy to provide your venue with a COI, we have a 1 million dollar general & liquor liability policy. Please provide us with your venue contact & email address and we will have our insurance company send it over to them, usually with in 24hrs they will receive it. Please note that if your venue requires to be named as additional insured on our policy that additional fees will apply.

Q: How do we secure your services for my event?

A: In order to secure our services we require a $100 deposit and a signed contract of services requested. In the event that your event is less that a month away we reserve the right to require payment in full for services requested on short notice.

Q: If my event gets canceled for any reason do you offer a refund of payment made?

A: No. From the moment our services are secured by you with your payment, we start preparing for your event, scheduling staff, purchasing any needed supplies etc

Q: How many servings should I plan for at my wedding reception?

A: When planning how many servings to have we usually recommend 2 drinks for the 1st hour and 1 drink for each hour after that. Some folks will not drink, leave early or only have a couple, this will allow for extras for your heavier drinkers.

Q: For a Beer & Wine only reception how much of each should we plan for?

A: Usually about 70% drink beer & 30% drink wine.

Each wedding/party/event is different, based on culture, length of event, inside or outside, time of year, day of the week you host your event, in the end you know your friends and family the best on what they like to drink.

We are happy to answer all your questions that you have & can't wait to help you celebrate your special day or event!  

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